Towing Services

“Our super slider carriers offer an acute angle to safely harness and secure lambo’s to high clearance vehicles.”


Breakdown Towing

Stuck on the road? Get towed to your preferred mechanic, we have 0 affiliations, 100% independent.


Vintage Cars

Our super slide carriers offer the least resistance to harness and hold fragile vehicles.


Race Cars

Specialist in low clearance cars, we’re the go-to for all track & maintenance transportation.


Construction Towing

Tractor, Farm 4×4 & agriculture vehicles.


Non Functional Cars

Collector, artefact & museum transport.


Other Vechicle

If it has wheels we can tow it.

24/7 Towing

Christchurch’s local vehicle towing and transport operator specialising in vintage, classic, race and performance vehicles.

We provide a breakdown callout service for Christchurch’s franchise dealerships as well as repairers, insurance companies and the public.