Settiing The Standards Since 1990 In 1990 the towing industry was very different from today, so Merv Graver, the original owner of Ashley’s, set out to change things for the better by providing his customers with the service, professionalism and care that was missing. Fast forward to 2021, and while the industry has improved enormously, Ashley’s are still setting the standards by having the right team, the right equipment and the right customers.

The Right Customers We deal with some of the most prestigious businesses in Canterbury, but every customer is treated the same. Even if you’ve never used us before, as far as we’re concerned, you’re not only our best customer; you’re our only customer. Without you we don’t have a business.

The Right Equipment We have a range of late-model specialist trucks including super slide carriers that make it easy to load even lowered cars safely. We don’t scrimp on anything, especially maintenance and services, so you know they’re safe and reliable. All the trucks are equipped with a full range of specialist tools and equipment which means our guys can deal with almost any situation they encounter.

The Right Team

“Having the right people is essential, so I’ve deliberately sought out people who aren’t just good at their job, they love what they do and are as excited about this company as I am. We’re a tight team and I’m bloody proud to be a part of it.”

David Thompson – Owner

  • Operations Manager

    Jacinta McKissock

    She’s the voice on the phone and she makes everything happen. Before I took over Ashley’s I wanted Jacinta on the team because she knows the repair industry, she’s into cars and she’s got the can-do attitude that means when faced with a problem she knuckles down and sorts everything out.

  • Driver

    Trevor Pentecost

    Trevor has been in the towing game a long time and makes hard jobs look easy, but the main reason I selected him is because of the way he looks after his customers. He’s got a great sense of humour and when he says “don’t worry, I’ve got this”, he has. Plus, he’s very, very good at his job and I know he’ll please our fussiest customers.

  • Driver

    Marcus Aldersley

    I’ve been trying to convince Marcus to come on board for months: he has a ton of experience and is a bloody hard worker, but I mostly wanted him because he’s super careful and a bit of a perfectionist, so when we need to move a Ferrari, a rare vintage car or a vehicle that’s taken years to restore, we send Marcus.

  • Owner

    David Thompson

    I may be the boss, but both my drivers are better at towing than I am, which is why I tend to do the fill-in work, or stuff that nobody else wants to do. But as the boss, my real role is to make this already awesome little company even better, and that’s probably the hardest job of them all because improving on excellent is not easy. Wish me luck!

    My passion is providing the automotive industry and car owners of Canterbury with the best towing service in town. We have the best drivers, the best trucks and most of all, the best attitude. You won’t be disappointed.