Breakdown Towing & Special Vehicle Transportation

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If you need a vehicle moved for whatever reason, we’ll take car of everything for youpeople to help


Specialist Car Transport

We’re known throughout the South Island for the way we take care of special cars, so whether it’s a race car, a rare vintage car or a hot rod; we’re the team you can trust.



Breaking down is a real hassle, so give us a call on 0800 869 829 and we’ll take care of everything for you, and if you need a lift, just ask.



They happen (usually at the worst times) so don’t stress, we’ll pick your car up and take it to get assessed and repaired by your insurance company.


Transfers and Relocations

From tractors to golf carts to machinery, if it fits on our trucks; we can move it, and if for some reason we can’t tow it ourselves, we have friends who can.

  • My vision is to provide car owners and the automotive industry in Canterbury with the best towing service around. We’ve got the best drivers, the best trucks and most of all, the best attitude.

    You won’t be disappointed.


    David Thompson
    Ashleys Tow Taxi

Tow Gallery We're lucky to have transported some truely unique vehicles.